6 tips to lead a more sustainable life in 2022

Taking care of planet Earth and the people who live on it has always been one of Capsula’s premises.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle to protect the environment is a policy we encourage, but we understand that ignorance and lack of information are a problem for anyone who wants to start taking the first steps towards a greener lifestyle.

There are small efforts that we can make in our day-to-day lives that will have a huge impact not only on our quality of life but also on the environment. To help you start this battle, Capsula has put together some tips in a guide to make your home and your life more eco-friendly this coming year.

1. Turn off devices whenever you are not using them
It seems obvious but the truth is that many times we forget the lights on in a room where we are not or the coffee machine connected to the socket. Turning off lights and appliances when they are not needed will make it more environmentally friendly and your wallet.

2. Don’t waste food
Reducing food waste involves not only buying strictly necessary products but also adopting an efficient kitchen. Cooking several meals and dividing them into separate containers will ensure that your meals are always prepared and free of excesses.

3. Be careful when washing clothes/dishes
Washing clothes and dishes at the right temperature and program avoids damaging the items/dishes and also saves water and energy. Choose to try to remove the stains from the clothes and remove food residues from the dishes well for a more efficient wash.

4. Buy clothes consciously
We’ve talked about capsule wardrobe many times around here. A wardrobe with the key pieces can make a difference, not only in your day-to-day but also in your monthly budget. Better quality pieces are reflected in a longer lasting wardrobe.

5. Leave the plastic aside
Probably the most talked about measure when addressing the issue of sustainability. Refuse coffees served in plastic cups and avoid buying food that comes wrapped in plastic. Taking your own bag for shopping also helps to control excessive plastic consumption.

6. Choose to share the means of transport
Team up with a colleague or a neighbor who takes the same (or similar) route as yours. Sharing transport will make your trip more sustainable and save you money.