Suggestions for a festive season with a lot of glamor

With the end of the year festivities just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the look you’re going to wear, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The ideal is to opt for elegant yet comfortable pieces so you can look your best all night long. Reds, blacks and whites stand out in this season and silks are always more prominent.

Capsula has put together some suggestions for looks that you can wear this Christmas season to make you feel beautiful and glamorous, as you deserve.

Windflower Calças Pretas & Marygold Blusa Preta

As the saying goes “in black I never commit”. Nothing like flared trousers and a blouse for a classic and elegant look that you can easily wear in the future, both together and individually.

See Windflower Black Pants
See Marygold Blosa Preta

Yellow Windflower Set

If there is an elegant piece, both for men and women, it is the suit. Capsula’s Winflower pants and blazer set compose a sophisticated and elegant look, with a vibrant color calling for the happy moments of the year ahead.

See Windflower Yellow Pants
See Windflower Yellow Blazer

Marygold Bordeaux Set

Nothing like a look in shades of red for a Christmas season in full swing. The Marygold skirt and blouse set guarantees a well-groomed and elegant look, while also being true to the season.

See Marygold Bordeaux Skirt
See Marygold Bordeaux Blouse

Aciprest White Dress

If, on the one hand, there are those who plan large parties, there are also those who prefer to spend a simpler and more secluded court. For those looking for comfort without neglecting elegance, the Acipreste dress is an option to consider.

See Acipreste White Dress

Magnolia Yellow Dress

For those who prefer more colorful and irreverent looks, nothing like the yellow Magnolia dress. An elegant silk dress that combines glamor with comfort.

See Magnolia Yellow Dress

Electra White Skirt and Doris White Top

If this year you’ve chosen to escape the cold and spend the last few weeks of the year somewhere where the heat is felt, there’s nothing like an Electra skirt and a Doris top. A romantic and refined look, to give the touch of simplicity that is sometimes lacking at this time.

See Electra Saia Branca
See Doris White Top