Capsula Organic Brand: a brand by women for women

You have certainly heard of the concept of female empowerment. But do you really know what that means?

Although closely linked to the fight for gender equality, female empowerment is much more than a gender issue. Born in the USA in the 1970s, “woman empowerment” has been gaining more and more supporters and expressiveness.

The objective is to make the community aware that women are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, whether personal, social, political or cultural. Giving women a voice and autonomy gives them confidence and brings out the best in them.

Those who think that the only ones playing a role in this battle are women are wrong. The struggle for a respectful and egalitarian common space is up to everyone.

At Capsula, because we believe that women can and should have a prominent place in society, we develop our collections for them. In each piece, a sense of timeless subtlety and elegance convey genuine authenticity and purity, representing all the women who accompany us.