Surrender to the lightness of linen

When choosing the best fabric, whether for clothes or for house decor, there are important points to take into account, namely comfort, quality and durability. An example that strictly meets these requirements is flax.

One of the oldest fabrics known to man, this material is in great demand because it is light, easy to wash and also has a pleasant touch. In addition, the sustainable part is also one of the aspects to be taken into account.

Linen is among the most ecological fabrics that exist, requiring few chemicals in its production and having a minimum waste of material during the confection of the threads.

To produce this fabric, only the best fibers are used, the rest being used in the production of other products such as soap, vegetable oil, paper, etc.

An ecological fabric that gives an elegant and natural touch, in the style of the Capsula Organic Brand.

An option for those looking for more sustainable alternatives and a long-term commitment to the environment.

At Capsula we work daily for this and are committed to producing and bringing you useful, comfortable and long-lasting pieces. A challenging and impactful mission that marks the journey through our essence.