Freedom: it's time to enjoy slow living with the new SS21 collection

Time brought us challenges that affected our lives and deconstructed everything we took for granted. Now is the time for reflection, transformation, action. The time has come to embrace a new paradigm of life. It’s time to enjoy slow living.

In the spring-summer 2021 season, Capsula invites you to embark on the ultimate journey towards a free life, where nothing defines us, nothing subjects us. A life based on simplicity, authenticity and gratitude and where freedom is our very substance.

It is in this place where there is no trace of impurity, where we find freedom itself, that we sought inspiration for the new spring-summer 2021 collection. They are versatile models, with floral motifs in English embroidery, which adapt to everyday life, communicating the freedom that is within you.

Disconnect. Choose yourself and start taking care of your well-being with this collection rich in natural materials and exquisite details, soft tones and romantic embroidery, which radiate a sense of serenity.