Mindful consumption: ever heard of it?

Today’s society recognizes that consumption is synonymous with happiness and well-being, and even with prestige and status. Our thirst for more is exploited by brands and, without realizing it, they make us disconnected from the origin of the products we consume, even reaching the point where our decisions destroy the lives of others and the planet. This is called mindless consumption or, in other words, consumption only for our own benefit. And this is where the so-called mindful consumption comes in, where we become aware of our behavior and its consequences and, being more thoughtful, we consume for ourselves, but also for others and for the planet .

We wield a lot of power and influence simply by how we choose to spend our money, and more and more people have become aware of their consumption patterns and their impact on society and nature. Instead of accumulating various products and services, some consumers are now looking for a sustainable way of life, practicing mindful consumption and believing that this approach offers true happiness.