After all, who runs the world?

Let’s face it, genuine power remains out of women’s hands and the world as we know it is awash with a false concept of female empowerment.

In the struggle for gender equality and the strengthening of women’s role in society, true female empowerment (proper term from the English “women’s empowerment”) lies in women’s power of choice. And the choices do not only concern what we consume, but the personal and professional life of each one.

The concept of female empowerment is something that we must assume as an awareness that there is much to improve. He suggests that women move on, that they practice self-knowledge and use it to have more confidence to make decisions, that they respect their essence and do not live in search of acceptance, that they are true and do not let fashions, behavioral trends and even other people dictate their choices.

Female empowerment does not require that all obstacles be tackled at once, but must start with changing each woman so that together we can break down barriers and change structures. One for all, all for one.